Visa Fast-Track Immigration Services gives Vietnam Visa Fast-Track Immigration Service (only from US $30 per person, excluding Stamping Fee) as an alternative for those who get impatient waiting in queue at the VOA/Landing Visa Counter at the airport after a long flight. Our staff will accompany you and handle the visa arrangement. Airport Fast track service” will be your best choice! The fast track service is highly recommended to businessmen, pregnant women, infant or elderly, disable persons and group travel.

How To Apply For Fast-Track Fast-Track Immigration Service

Step 1: Select Fast-Track Immigration Service item with or send us a request via email at or on the phone at (+84) 969 545 097.

Step 2: Find our staff with your name written on our signboard right after landing. In case you cannot find our staff, please give us a call at hotline (+84) 969 545 097.

Step 3: Hand over our staff your visa approval letter, Vietnamese visa application form, passport, 2 photos and stamping fee (USD 25 /visa for single entry, USD 50 /visa for multiple entries valid for up to 3 months, USD95 from 6 months multiple entries and USD 135 for one year multiple entries) to complete the entry procedures on your behalf.

Step 4: Get your passport back with Vietnam Visa stamped within a few minutes.

The service is divided into 2 kinds:

The normal service:

You will be welcomed at the “Landing Visa” gate by our staff. Then, the staff will collect your visa approval letter, cash for stamping fee and arrival form. Just 5 minutes you will have a visa stamp instead of suffering a long line. You will need to present your passport at the Immigration counter by yourself.

The VIP service:

You will notice our staff holding a board with your name after landing at the airport. Then, the staff will bring your documents such as the visa approval letter, stamping fee, passport and arrival form to the “Landing Visa” gate. After picking up a stamp visa, you will have our staff to stamp your passport at the Immigration counter.

Please prepare cash to pay for stamping fee and print the arrival form Here

Stamp fee at the airport (price per person)

  • 25 USD for single 1 month, 3 months visa
  • 50 USD for multiple 1 month, 3 months visa
  • 95 USD for multiple 6 months Visa
  • 100 USD for multiple one year Visa

Both of the services are available at 3 Vietnam International airports such as Noi Bai (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh) and Da Nang (Danang city).

Vietnam Car Pick up

Thanks to this helpful and convenient service, you will be picked up from any Vietnam airport to your specific address and avoid wasting your valuable time to find a reliable taxi. Get on our modern and comfortable private car to experience a safe route with our friendly, well-trained driver; you will be surely not disappointed with it.

Customers can apply for above services: Fast-track Immigration Service and Car Pick Up by selecting the “Extra Service” category after finishing online visa application or simply email to indicating their flight itinerary.

Note: You need to inform us 48 hours before departure time in case of changing the arrival airport.
You totally can cancel the extra service and get a full refund if you inform us 2 days before your departure date.
See details ...

Needing Extra Service ?

Please complete the form then we contact to you soon.

  • 1 person
  • Ha Noi (HAN)
  • 20 USD x 1 person = 20 USD
  • USD

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Note: Only the customers in the application can be provided our extra service. The service is not available if customers do not inform us of their flight’s delay or changing the name of applicants.

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